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Assault Charges in Eugene Oregon

Facing an assault charge can seem daunting. At first, you might be thinking of how this criminal charge changes your life, your ability to get a job, and how others see you. However, it is important first to find a criminal attorney who knows how to investigate the details of your case, advocate for your rights, and fight for you. Oregon criminal attorney Lindsay H. Fowler is well versed in the world of law and will utilize her 19 years of experience to comb through the details of your case to best represent you. Ms. Fowler and her team have represented a many assault charges and other criminal cases, and we understand how you feel. You don’t need to continue to feel isolated, we are on your team. 

Types of Assault Charges in Oregon

The state of Oregon has four primary categories used to label assault charges. Below is a brief overview of each assault category, as well as the legal penalties they carry. We know that carrying an assault crime conviction can change your life forever, so regardless of the charge or level of severity, hiring a criminal law lawyer is essential in getting your life back. Lindsay H. Fowler is the attorney you need to tip the scales in your favor.

Assault in the Fourth Degree

Assault in the fourth degree is considered to be the least severe of the four main assault categories and is identified by if an individual has caused some sort of physical injury to another individual or party. The injury could range from minor to major, but it needs to cause pain and impair the victim’s physical condition to be considered assault four. Typically assault four is a misdemeanor and requires a small amount of jail time, fines, classes, or probation. However, if the assault occurred in the presence of a minor, it would then be considered a class C felony and require more extensive time in jail.

Assault in the Third Degree

Assault in the third degree is considered to be a more serious charge than assault four and can often occur in different ways. Here are some of the following: 

  • A weapon was utilized to allegedly injure the victim
  • The assault has instigated by multiple people 
  • The alleged victim was ten years of age or younger
  • A person who charged with a DUI also was responsible for the alleged injury of the other driver

In the instance of an individual charged with a DUI who allegedly injured another driver, in addition to assault three, this action can also be charged as a felony and carries the penalties additional fines, several weeks in jail, anger management classes, and probation. Ms. Fowler has had experience in defending and representing this type of offense and can bring her expertise to your case.  

Assault in the first Degree

Assault in the first degree is considered to be the most serious classification of assault and can be classified as such for several reasons. Such are: 

  • The alleged victim is a child
  • The alleged assault resulted in serious physical injury and was caused by a dangerous or deadly weapon 
  • A driver that has already previously been convicted of three DUIs is responsible for another accident due to intoxication and injures the other driver of passengers.

Seeking accomplished legal representation is essential when faced with assault charges. We know it seems daunting, but if you choose Oregon criminal attorney Lindsay H. Fowler and her team of experienced legal professionals, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. 

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Different Assault Types

Often people assume that assault encapsulates extreme acts of violence, and though assault can be violent or sexual in nature, different types of assault often go overlooked. Though they may vary in severity, it is important to be able to identify them. They are:

  • Verbal Assault – this category of assault is strictly non-physical and involves verbal harassment. This most often occurs during an argument where one party is verbally abusive to the other party.
  • Simple Assault – this type of assault typically results in only minor injuries and no weapon was used to cause such injuries.
  • Sexual Assault – this type of assault is defined as sodomy, molestation, rape, or other sexual acts that were forced upon one party against their will or wishes.
  • Aggravated Assault – this instance of assault is typically defined as being an act of violence inflicted on another party against their will. A weapon is also present or used during this instance.
  • Physical Assault – This type of assault is typically committed before a murder attempt. Physical assault often results in serious physical harm or injury to the victim.
  • Felonious Assault – Often considered to be the most serious category of assault, felonious assault often features the inclusion of a weapon, and injuries inflicted on the victim are serious and often permanent.

If you are facing any assault charges similar to these it is crucial that you hire a criminal defense attorney. The presence of a criminal defense attorney is the determining factor between you and what your future will look like. Eugene attorney Lindsay H. Fowler and her staff are professionals at representing clients in court and will make all the difference in your specific case. We will provide a strong legal defense and ensure that you are heard by the Oregon court system. We also will strive to provide the best in terms of legal counsel and provide advice to help you navigate this difficult process. With 18 years of experience, you can trust Lindsay H. Fowler to handle your assault charge case.


Looking for a criminal law attorney in Eugene Oregon? Being arrested and accused of a crime is a very stressful time. Choosing to hire an experienced Oregon criminal law attorney helps alleviate some of the stress and provide peace of mind. Lindsay H. Fowler works with you to explain your legal rights and prepare a defense with your best outcome in mind.

Ms. Fowler has extensive experience handling Measure 11 defenses, including attempted murder and sex offenses, theft and robbery, shoplifting, hit and run, DUII (both alcohol and drug, and breath test refusal and diversion), driving while suspended, domestic assault, federal offenses, and juvenile offenses.

If you want to fight, don’t settle for a settlement firm, hire an experienced trial lawyer that will fight for your rights. 

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