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Domestic Violence & Abuse Accusations

The state of Oregon has domestic violence laws in place to help prevent cycles of abuse. Protecting victims of abuse and assault are also priorities of the Oregon court system. But, due to the complicated nature of domestic violence laws in Oregon sometimes individuals can be accused of a crime that they have not committed. The lifelong ramifications of being falsely accused of domestic violence can follow you around your life, which is why you need professional legal help. Have you been accused of domestic violence or abuse in Eugene Oregon? You need the best legal representation possible to best present your case. You can’t afford to fight this battle alone, with criminal defense lawyer Lindsay H. Fowler, you are guaranteed expert legal counsel to help you get the best results possible. She will investigate the details of your specific case and work hard to negotiate deals on your behalf while in court. Accomplished family and criminal law attorney Lindsay H. Fowler has multiple areas of practice, including:

  • Restraining Orders & Stalking Orders
  • Assault
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Vehicle Crimes
  • Theft – Robbery, Petty Theft, Shoplifting
  • Drugs & drug offenses
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Divorce & Custody Modifications

If you are seeking legal representation in the Eugene Oregon area, Lindsay H. Fowler is a compelling choice. As a trial lawyer, she is well versed in negotiating terms and fighting for you. When you are looking for the best criminal attorney to advocate for you, you need someone willing to answer questions and walk you through the legal process from start to finish. Ms. Fowler is dedicated to explaining the aspects of your case so you can gain a better understanding. When looking for the best in terms of legal counsel in the Eugene area, choose criminal and family law attorney Lindsay H. Fowler.  

Domestic Violence and False Accusation in Eugene Oregon

When you are accused of domestic violence, it is crucial to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. At the legal office of Lindsay H. Fowler, we work to combat any false allegations and give you a fighting chance at getting your life back. Call or email our offices if you are feeling isolated or stuck, we can discuss your particular situation, set up a consultation, and work to formulate a plan. Ms. Fowler and her staff are well equipped to handle your situation. You don’t have to fight this alone; we can help.

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After an individual posts bail or is released, a no-contact order is put in place to prevent the defendant and accuser from having contact with each other. This can severely impact and disrupt your life, from childcare to visitation, a no-contact order is rarely dropped once established. However, sometimes a no-contact order can be modified for specific purposes, such as childcare, personal belongings, or situations that require limited contact for household issues. Picking the best qualified legal team will help make this transition more bearable and keep your wants in mind during negotiations.


Should you be charged with domestic violence charges, you want to know how a criminal attorney will work for you and your case? When you choose Lindsay H. Fowler and her staff you can be certain that they will carefully review the evidence in your case and will investigate the details of the criminal charge to best prepare to defend you in court. In every case, Ms. Fowler brings her expertise and 19 years of practice as a family and criminal law lawyer to the table. We know it can be tempting to handle this situation on your own but hiring an accomplished criminal trial attorney is key. Interested in setting up a consultation? Call our office, where Ms. Fowler and her assistant can discuss options, and help to relieve some of the stress and confusion that you are experiencing.


Looking for a good family law attorney in Eugene Oregon? Terminating a marriage can be extremely stressful, often you are faced to address a host of factors in your life that are up in the air. Choosing to hire an experienced Oregon divorce attorney helps alleviate stress and provide peace of mind. Lindsay H. Fowler works with you to explain the legal process, set up reasonable expectations, and help eliminate the anxiety associated with the divorce process.

Ms. Fowler has extensive experience in other areas of law that gives her the ability to address other potential legal issues that sometimes arise in a divorce proceeding. Whether you have been served divorce papers from your partner, or you are looking to file for divorce, call the office of Lindsay H. Fowler today for a consultation. Ms. Fowler prioritizes compassionate, professional legal representation, and as an experienced trial lawyer, she is prepared to fight for you.

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To say Lindsay Fowler is spectacular would be an understatement. She is a pit bull – once she gets her teeth sunk in she doesn’t let go. I had a tough case, and she won it for me.

-Jess B

Ms Fowler was exceptional, caring and professional during a difficult divorce proceeding. I would not have made it through without her and her incredible support staff.

-Allison G

This law office is amazing, Miss Fowler is the best at what she does, I would recommend this legal office to anyone! If you need help go here! And the receptionist is just wonderful!

-Kandle P

Lindsey Fowler was my divorce attorney through the worst time of my life. She gave me honest advice and excellent feedback. Her staff is top-notch as well. Everyone always returned phone calls, emails, and answered my questions. I cannot give her enough stars!

-Alisha L

Will be eternally grateful to this law firm for helping my elderly father through a very difficult time in his life. After a string of traumatic events, (and a near death experience), my father now finds himself in a difficult separation with his estranged wife. Nothing has been easy with this separation and both Lindsay and Kim have been incredibly supportive and empathetic to his situation. Can’t thank them enough for their patience and professionalism with this difficult case.

-Abra W

Lindsay Fowler handled my divorce and protected the well being of myself for years to come. I am ever so grateful to her for her insight down the road for me in my settlement. She had my best interest at heart. Ms. Fowler thought of everything in an extremely stressful and difficult time for me. Thank you Ms. Fowler!!! If there were 10 stars, I would give her a 10 star rating!! A person just comes out ahead with Ms. Fowler as their attorney!

-Patti L.

My attorney Lindsay was wonderful, she was on time, always returned my calls/email. She was to the point and explained things so I can understand the legal language. I felt like she had my back when no one did. She and her legal secretary made it as easy as possible given the situation.

-Barney W.

Ms. Fowler has helped me with child custody issues. Navigating the court process with her felt like a partnership. She really cared about getting a positive outcome for me and my family and she absolutely delivered. I would definitely seek her services in the future if I need a competent attorney.

-Dylan M.

Smart, thoughtful, attentive, kind, and professional. Lindsey Fowler and her team guided us through a very stressful, emotional legal matter with integrity, awareness and discussions of all possible outcomes as well as the pros and cons of choices we needed to make. It was a bit scary to trust our family’s future and follow advice that was unfamiliar, even when it was a good choice. I am grateful for the superb work for us, as well as the continued support if we have questions.
I highly recommend Lindsey Fowler and this whole team to anyone needing a strong legal representative and caring advocate in their corner.

-Ashanti L.

If I could give more stars. I would. Lindsay became my attorney in the worst part of my life. With the charges I was facing my sentencing could have been far worse. But she helped me have the opportunity to have my charges reduced in 3 years if I complied with the courts requirements. And I did just that. 2 1/2 years later, I contacted Lindsay through her amazing assistant Kim to see if we could get the charges reduced 6 months early. And we did it. I couldn’t believe it. The hard work, effort and compassion that these women showed me is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be on my side.

-Toni D.

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