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Restraining Orders & Stalking Orders in Eugene Oregon


When looking to secure a restraining order, the process at first seems overwhelming and scary. When navigating the Oregon court system, it is important to have someone to help navigate the complexities of restraining and stalking orders. At the office of Lindsay H. Fowler, our team is qualified and passionate about working with you to meet your legal needs. Ms. Fowler has been practicing both criminal and family law for 19 years and her areas of practice include:

  • Restraining Orders & Stalking Orders
  • Assault
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Vehicle Crimes
  • Theft – Robbery, Petty Theft, Shoplifting
  • Drugs & drug offenses
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Custody & Divorce Modifications 

Ms. Fowler and her staff of professionals are dedicated to staying up to date on changes to Oregon state law, so you can be sure that you are received the most relevant information to your case. Below we have outlined the various types of restraining orders as well as how they are defined.


When the sheriff shows up at your door and serves you with a Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Order, how do handle this situation? You may now be forced to leave your residence and now have restrictions on where you can go and even when you can see your children. You have a timeline to respond to this restraining order and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to contest it. Lindsay H. Fowler knows what to do. You need a team that will explain your rights, provide you with all the legal advice that can help you form your decision on how to move forward and defend against these allegations. Restraining orders can affect your gun rights and can also create problems with your communication with your children. It seems like a one-sided process, that is why Lindsay H. Fowler wants to be on your side and will make sure the truth is heard so you can get your life back to normal. Let our office represent you and the truth in court. Call to schedule an appointment to find out your rights and legal remedies. 

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One of the most common restraining orders utilized is under the Family Abuse Prevention Act and specifically used to keep either married partners or those with sexual relationships separated from each other. For example, if you were harmed by either your sexual partner or spouse, this restraining order legally forces them to sever all contact from you, protecting you from further abuse or injury. This specific type of restraining order also can legally force your partner to leave your shared home if necessary. These orders are in the interest of protecting you and your children if applicable but can be difficult to navigate alone. If you need assistance making sense of restraining orders involving the Family Abuse Prevention Act, contact the office of Lindsay Fowler. We can set up a legal consultation and work to not only restore your life but bring you back to a sense of normalcy. 


A second type of restraining order commonly issued is categorized as part of the Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act. These specific orders are used to protect the disabled and elderly from their abusers. This type of restraining order requires that the abuser cease contact with the victim immediately. Though it is specifically for the elderly and disabled it holds the same power as other restraining orders, which included banning the recipient from a place of employment or home. 


Another type of restraining order is a stalking order, which is applicable if you are the victim of repeated and unwanted contact that causes fear. Are you the victim of stalking in the Eugene, Oregon area? Lindsay Fowler, an experienced defense attorney, will be able to help. She and her team of professionals have represented several order and stalking order cases and would be proud to help you as well. Ms. Fowler values compassionate legal representation and will fight to have your voice acknowledged.


Do you need experienced legal representation for your restraining order or stalking order case? At the law office of Lindsay Fowler, we are dedicated to ensuring your safety. We know how complicated it can be to secure a restraining order which is why we walk you through the process from start to finish and offer timely advice. Ms. Fowler is also dedicated to staying up to date on all relevant changes in legal policies, so you will always have access to the most recent changes in Oregon state law. To set up a consultation with us, call our office. We would be happy to help you. 


Looking for a good family law attorney in Eugene Oregon? Terminating a marriage can be extremely stressful, often you are faced to address a host of factors in your life that are up in the air. Choosing to hire an experienced Oregon divorce attorney helps alleviate stress and provide peace of mind. Lindsay H. Fowler works with you to explain the legal process, set up reasonable expectations, and help eliminate the anxiety associated with the divorce process.

Ms. Fowler has extensive experience in other areas of law that gives her the ability to address other potential legal issues that sometimes arise in a divorce proceeding. Whether you have been served divorce papers from your partner, or you are looking to file for divorce, call the office of Lindsay H. Fowler today for a consultation. Ms. Fowler prioritizes compassionate, professional legal representation, and as an experienced trial lawyer, she is prepared to fight for you.

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